You are probably on this page because you received a card inviting you to plant your own tree with GEA. To do so, simply enter the unique code shown on your card in the field below.

Real trees are being planted by local farmers with the support of our partner Treedom and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to communities. After redeeming the code, you'll be able to track your tree online and learn more about the benefits it offers.

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GEA - “Engineering for a better world”

With almost 18,000 employees in 56 countries, GEA contributes to a better world through state-of-the-art technology. With this project, we are also giving you the opportunity to contribute to a better world – by planting a tree!

So far, GEA has planted 1,350 trees around the world – in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

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About Treedom

Since its foundation in 2010 in Florence, Treedom has supported more than 400,000 trees, all of which are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and financial benefits to their communities. Every tree on Treedom is geo-localised and photographed, and has its own online page.