Too fit to slow down

Still fit, with over 160,000 operating hours behind it: Hugo the compressor purrs like it did on the first day. Hugo is an HK2C type semi-hermetic compressor, built in 1955. It has one cylinder and runs at 1,450 revolutions per minute. It is named after Hugo Bock who, together with company founders Wilhelm Bock and Erich Etter, was managing the company when Hugo was built.

HUGO the HK2C semi-hermetic compressor

Located in the cellar of "Hotel & Restaurant Traube" in Neuffen, Hugo the compressor refrigerates the food before the chefs use the fresh ingredients to prepare culinary delights. Admittedly, Hugo isn't alone. It has a younger brother. At over 30 years old though, that's no spring chicken either. There's no substitute role here, it comes in whenever there's extra work to do. As the Traube restaurant has grown in popularity, the refrigeration demand has increased as well. So, Hugo's displacement volume of 3 m³/h was no longer enough.

Nonetheless, its owners didn't want to be parted from their faithful friend in the cellar. It still runs today, as soon as the temperature in the cold store rises above the threshold. You can see Hugo at work on the webcam. In actual fact, you won't see a thing because it doesn't shake one jot as it goes about its work. You will recognize when it operates, though, on the fan that dissipates Hugo's efforts.

Hugo webcam

Nowadays, Hugo has numerous descendants. The family resemblance is most prominent in our semi-hermetic compressor series. These compressors are the young gun version of Hugo – bursting with strength, dynamic and ready to take part in any efficiency competition. Yet they also learned from their great grandfather that strength isn't everything. Virtues such as reliability and longevity are in their genes.