Buy and forget

No, you shouldn't forget us, even after the purchase. But you don't need to memorise our Service number. Because our compressors run without any problems – for years and decades on end. They are easy-clean and low-maintenance. "The local refrigeration technician does everything that's necessary," says Alexander Layh, Head of Compression at GEA Bock GmbH. "Maintenance is usually limited to a visual inspection, cleaning the system and checking the refrigerant charge. The refrigerant only needs to be topped up after several years – if at all."

Renowned bus manufacturers, suppliers of refrigeration vehicles and containers, rail and shipping companies put their trust in our compressors. They are light and quiet, withstand vibrations and shocks and can also work under extreme operating conditions – no matter whether in the desert or on the North Cape."- Taking the mobile compressor as an example, Layh explains what a "tough Bock" can withstand.

Even under highly stressful conditions, the compressors usually outlive the utility vehicle itself.

No premature wear – the sales at GEA Bock add up. "The fact that we have full order books is down to our almost legendary reliability," says the compressor specialist. "If you have to refrigerate goods worth millions, you don't take any chances. This is where the positive experiences – our own or those of our industry colleagues – are critical to the purchase decision."

So the fact that our customers don't forget "the Bock" is not so much down to our memorable name, but to our good reputation.

GEA Bock training in action
Training as service: GEA Bock provides regular training programs to ensure the specialist on site is always up to date when it comes to planning, installing and maintaining compressors with refrigerants such as CO2 or propane. The training program is rounded out by sessions on a modern test facility.