Innovation with history

HUGO production department in Nürtingen
When Hugo was built, the metalworking and installation facilities were still located in this plant in Nürtingen. Shortly afterwards, the production department moved to Frickenhausen, where GEA Bock GmbH is located today.

Hugo the compressor, which has been in operation for over 60 years and ensures food is refrigerated in the "Hotel & Restaurant Traube", came into being in Nürtingen in the 1950s. Germany was prospering at the time. Reconstruction work after the Second World War was at an advanced stage, many businesses and industrial operations were back on their feet and the economy was thriving.

The GEA Bock compressors of the K family
The compressors of the K family

The then Bock & Co. KG also profited from this growth. Under the direction of company founders Wilhelm Bock, his younger brother Hugo Bock and Erich Etter, the compressor plant prospered. Yet it was not only demand that helped boost revenue, this positive development was also driven by innovative spirit. The K range, a new series of counter-flow compressors and HK compressors like Hugo were setting benchmarks at the time.

By 1955, the Bock company had become so successful that compressor production and installation was relocated from Nürtingen – where Hugo was being built – to Frickenhausen. Success creates commitment – a commitment that included developing further innovations such as the "fast running" F series, which set a new quality standard in the 1960s, or the FK compressors for vehicles. Derived from the F portfolio, the FK model design was fortified to cope with the harsh operating conditions in vehicles. Thanks to its compact form, it also fit into smaller vehicles such as the popular VW Beetle.

Bock air conditioning system at VW Beetle

The FK series was such a success that its name still appears in the portfolio today: These compressors for mobile applications are suitable for buses and trains, and also for installation in refrigerated vehicles or containers.

The notion of amalgamating compressor and motor to form one unit also originated in the 1960s. The concept behind the AM motor compressor with its patented shaft seal made it a huge seller and became the basis for new developments in the decades to come.

We show you here on this timeline the other stations that have shaped the history of Bock, from the company's foundation as "Bock Kältemaschinen" in 1932 through to the present day.

Milestones in the history of GEA Bock
Milestones in the history of GEA Bock