Thank you very much for visiting the Craftsmanship & The Future of Meat seminar in Bakel (NL), where we presented our latest developments and new product concepts with a focus on the sausage, burger and bacon applications. We trust you were able to engage senses, get market insights & trends, enjoy inspiring keynote speakers, experience live demonstrations and tasting sessions.

Impression of the seminar Craftsmanship & the Future of Meat

You can find an overview of the handouts from the presentations during the seminar in the download section on the right. The after movie and the videos we showed during the seminar days can be found here below.

After movie of the seminar Craftsmanship & The Future of Meat

Opener of the seminar Craftsmanship & The Future of Meat

GEA welcomed over 125 meat processors from all over the world to experience how Craftsmanship meets THE FUTURE OF MEAT. Teaming up with leading industry players such as Givaudan, global flavours and fragrances supplier, Handtmann leading sausage equipment and Vaessen-Schoemaker functional ingredients, GEA was able to present to customers complete and innovative concepts addressing the current market and consumer trends.

GEA CutMaster | Preparation of Kabanos mix

We see that consumers seem to be actively seeking out meat snacks as alternatives to chips (and other salty snacks) as a healthier option for snacking and convenient sources of protein. The GEA CutMaster cuts, mixes and emulsifies all different kinds of sausage products from coarse to very fine. It is also suitable for fish, vegetarian products, cheese, protein snacks and many more. As the GEA CutMaster can also vacuum, cook or cool, additional equipment will no longer be required. One machine can do it all. 

The battle of the burgers

There are different perspectives to look at the current movements in the meat market. And although the future direction is difficult to predict, with the GEA PowerGrind and the GEA ProMix you are ready for the challenge. Today’s battle was between a fresh meat burger, a pre-cooked vegetable burger and a precooked meat analogue (soya) burger.

GEA MultiJector | The art of making bacon

The new GEA MultiJector with 2mm injector needles brings the highest quality and accuracy to the art of bacon making. Consistent color and taste, improving shelf life, high yield and low cost from complete GEA manufacturing lines that give the ultimate control from meat reception to consumer packages.