Seafood Processing

Seafood Processing

Specialist engineers in food technologies providing bespoke systems targeting the harsh environments in seafood processing.
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Packing Pollock or Sealing Salmon, GEA technologies will support you all the way!

Avoid the new plastic tax: From April 2022 the U.K. government will impose a plastic tax on any plastics which are not at least 30% recycled material.  Our innovative FoodTray solution means you can reduce your plastic usage by up to 80% by utilising a fully recyclable cardboard base. Lined with a strong but thin, environmentally-friendly plastic web base, this system is perfect for reducing costs whilst showcasing your products!

Robust resistance to corrosion: The GEA PowerPak Plus can be configured with special corrosion resistant tooling.  This allows it to stand the test of time against the harsh, salty environments which marine packaging facilities are commonly located also then doubling up against what are commonly corrosive wash down procedures. 

Full Integration - More than one product, no problem!: The GEA PowerPak Plus can be utilised to integrate with all well-known sealing types on the same machine.  Skin, MAP, vacuum with rigid and/or flexible films can all be completed on a single line.

Process protection: Whether packing salmon fillets with chilli flakes, breaded haddock or smoked mackerel with peppercorns, the PowerPak Plus is set up with quick change filter systems and liquid separators to protect the critical working parts of the thermoformer.  These work by filtering and separating out any product/liquid carryover before it ends up somewhere it shouldn’t, avoiding downtime on the line!

Keep on packing: The GEA PowerPak Plus comes with a vertical sliding sealing guard as standard, providing safe and easy access to the sealing station within a second!  There is also the potential to utilise the innovative GEA Power change on the sealing and forming stations, cutting down on lengthy changeover times from 30-40 minutes to 10-15 minutes.

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