GEA hygienic pumps - the heart of flow components
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GEA hygienic pumps - the heart of flow components

As with many great inventions, everything started in 1862 in a small kitchen in Mainz. An idea developed into an international company. Read more about the history of today's GEA Hilge pumps.

GEA hygienic pumps - the heart of GEA flow components

In 2015, GEA acquired Hilge as a subsidiary of GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH. Today, the Bodenheim site is the GEA competence centre for hygienic pumps, in which innovative pump products and processes are developed together with our customers. We develop innovative pumps and processes together with our customers. Our decades of experience in operations and systems at our customers' production sites ensures optimal selection and configuration of the right pumps for every application. Two product lines, GEA VARIPUMP and GEA SMARTPUMP, allow our customers to choose from a highly versatile pump program with a variety of smart customization options. This allows for easier operation, higher quality production and lower consumption of valuable resources.

With the new GEA Hilge HYGIA H high-pressure pump we have closed the gaps in the portfolio of hygiene pumps. So we can offer the milk processing industry everything from one source. The proven premium hygienic pump GEA Hilge HYGIA is now also available as a high-pressure version. It is available in two sizes, of which the large variant, powered by a 45-kilowatt motor, delivers a volume flow of up to 200 cubic meters per hour and reaches a maximum delivery height of 72 meters. The high-pressure pump GEA Hilge HYGIA H is based on the name-giving premium hygienic pump and can withstand a system pressure of up to 64 bar.  Thanks to its outstanding cleaning properties and modular motor connection, the high-pressure pump meets international standards and specifications and helps demanding customers around the world to optimize their total cost of ownership.

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