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Join us at FoodEx 2020

As consumers drive major changes in the world of food manufacturing, seeking better protection of the environment and greener production processes, the sector is becoming more proactive in overhauling its approach. Find out how GEA technology could ease the pressure on topical issues like plastic reduction in packaging and energy efficiency.

At the forefront of food trends & customer expectations

UK is at the forefront of food trends with leading initiatives like clean label, gluten free, meat alternatives and even 3D printed foods. All these trends are asking for flexible and versatile production lines. In GEA you have a partner with application know-how and test facilities to explore a range of possibilities to meet your customers’ expectations. Where you need to increase capacity, efficient or product quality, reduce unexpected downtime and maintenance costs or simply upgrade the equipment which has served you well for years, GEA can support your production line and stand-alone equipment. 

Join us at FoodEx 2020

Talk to the GEA UK team about your requirement at the upcoming FoodEx 2020 event at the NEC in Birmingham on the 30th March until 1st of April!

Whether you need to save money and halve the carbon emissions with GEA heat pumps or see the latest innovative GEA solutions for preparing, separating, processing, preserving, chilling, packaging and freezing a wide variety of meat, seafood, ingredients, dairy products, confectionary and pet foods, we will have it all at the stand P130.

Through Virtual and Augmented Reality, you can take a tour around our award-winning processing solutions GEA Cookstar or a complete dairy plant, or see our equipment from every angle in 3D.

We will also make available on the stand the latest innovations in processing, packaging and slicing including: 

GEA SmartPacker TwinTube – Excellence in vertical bagging

The GEA SmartPacker TwinTube is a future-proof modular packaging system, suitable for packaging candy, nuts & dried fruits and other on-the-go products in pillow bags of different sizes. It operates with two parallel forming tubes, achieving combined speeds of up to 500 bags per minute. 

• Option for Jumbo Roll, allowing film reels up to 160 kg

• Automatic web tracking, eliminating manual adjustment. 

• Reinforced sealing technology

• Easy labeling and maintenance with GEA Tirolabel

Learn more about GEA SmartPackers

GEA PowerPak with Foodtray – Excellence in packaging

A packaging solution manufactured out of the resources paperboard and plastic film. Paperboard is the most widespread packaging material worldwide. These packages consist almost completely out of natural or recycled materials. 

• The cardboard box is exclusively made out of renewable resources and can be optimally re-used through recycling

• Higher stability with less material use compared to full board

• FoodTray allows for printing on the whole packaging and is able to show individual product information, especially for products requiring explanation

Learn more about GEA FoodTray

GEA Slicing & Packaging line with GEA OxyCheck – Excellence in production and quality control

Historically the primary purpose of food packaging has been to protect its contents, and to ensure the food is safe to eat. Now, the aim is also to reduce the amount of packaging – and plastic in particular – while still maintaining the integrity of the pack and quality of the food. GEA has a head start with an unrivalled portfolio of packaging solutions that minimise waste but maximise protection and quality

• A non-invasive, inline quality control system that accurately measures the oxygen content in every single Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP)

• Neither the film nor the sealing is damaged, and the contents remain intact and uncontaminated. It can also be used to detect leaks in packs during production

• Available for GEA PowerPak thermoformers - either as an option on new machines or as a retrofit for existing MAP-compatible machines

Learn more about GEA OxyCheck

GEA OptiFlour - Excellence in processing

GEA OptiFlour is an industry first to work dust-free and delivers excellent performance for a wide range of applications. Put an end to the inconveniences of blocked blower pipes and cleaning the room after production with the help of GEA OptiAir, which works together with GEA OptiFlour in a seamless integrated way

  • Thin pre-dust to seeded flour types, light to medium crumbs
  • Dust-free operation for a cleaner working environment
  • Patented flour divider for accurate pick-up control
  • Lump removal system 

Have a look at the first fully automated chicken nugget line for Danpo A/S in Denmark, including leading GEA equipment like GEA MaxiFormer and 2 GEA OptiFlour machines, GEA Cookstar and more.

Learn more about GEA OptiFlour

GEA CALLIFREEZE® system - Excellence in freezing

A new and unique inline freezer control system  offers continuous monitoring of the product’s level of frozenness and automatically calibrates the parameters to ensure that every product is frozen according to optimum requirements, with minimum energy consumption. 

  • Inline traceability of frozen products
  • Level of frozenness can be set to less than 100%
  • Guaranteed energy savings of up to 10 - 15%
  • Fully aligned with Industry 4.0 control strategies


Learn more about GEA CALLIFREEZE

GEA Heat pumps – Excellence in energy efficiency

Estimated 30% of power generated in the UK drives the refrigeration process and in food storage environment that could go up to 90%. And much of the heat produced as a by-product of cooling would have previously been wasted. At the GEA stand you will be able to discuss heat pumps and how they can improve the efficiency in your food plant.

•       Reduce CO2 emissions and minimise energy use, by reverting to natural refrigerants

•       A heat pump is more eco-friendly and profitable solution than traditional heating alternatives.

•      See the significant financial and environmental benefits of using heat pumps in production processes

We will have specialists from our Refrigeration Technologies Division available to discuss how these can benefit your plant.

Learn more about GEA Heat pumps

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