Total solutions for dairy farmers in the UK
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Total solutions for dairy farmers in the UK

Optimise both fertility management and feeding management for your herd. Find out how farmers are using the latest GEA CowScout technology to get up-to-date information on their cows‘ fertility and react in real-time!

Farmers care for their animals and their health is of vital importance so in support of dairy farmers globally and in the UK, GEA has developed the CowScout technology which provides and analyses information about the herd.

How does it work?

Working 24/7, CowScout reliably monitors and analyses the behaviours of the cows wearing either the neck or leg device. Dairy farmers are able to optimise both fertility and feeding management through the immediate alert function when a cow is exhibiting reduced eating and rumination times.

By having this data farmers can identify sick cows early and minimise treatment costs and potentially prevent drops in milk production. The herd’s reproduction data, eating and rumination times are accessible on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and updated through an internet connection in real-time.

If desired, CowScout can send the respective alerts directly to the farmer or insemination technician via e-mail and ensure that all parties always have the latest information.

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