Transmec Mechanical Shipunloader

Mechanical continuous Shipunloader with special vertical chain conveyor and tools for free flowing and non-free flowing materials

TRANSMEC is a mechanical continuous Shipunloader for efficient and very gentle shipunloading operations both for granular products and meals; it grants a very low energy consumption and efficiency without damaging the unloaded prodcuts. TRANSMEC is suitable for medium - high unloading rates and vessels.

Main features

  • For vessel up to 120.000 DWT (Dead Weight Tonnage)
  • Fixed or mobile on rails or wheels
  • Handling capacity : 300 TPH to 2.000 TPH (Tonnes Per Hour)
  • Golfetto Sangati in-house designed DIGGER system for unloading non free flowing products
  • Auxiliary pneumatic system (75 tonnes/h)
  • Full remote control system


  • Very low energy consumption in operation (0,37 kWh/tonne as per measurements done)
  • Efficiency across vessel unloading higher than 70% of the rated capacity (TPH)

Extremely versatile during operations thanks to the wide range of movements allowed and to the equipment installed onboard.

TRANSMEC is definitely the best solution for medium – high capacity installations considering operating costs and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Grain Handling


Port of Barcelona - Spain 

  • One Mechanical combined Unloader /Loader mobile on rails
  • Capacity: Unloading 600tph soy beans; Loading 200tph for soy meal 

Port of Yambu - Saudi Arabia 

  • One Mechanical Unloader chain type, on rails
  • Capacity: 600 tph. 

Port of Shanghai - China 

  • Two mechanical unloader on rails
  • Capacity of 1000 tph each.

Port of Phuoc Hoa (Vung Tao) - Vietnam 

  • Two Mechanical Unloaders chain type on rails
  • Capacity: 300 tph each

Port of Bandar Imam Khomeini - Iran 

  • Two Mechanical Unloaders on rails with digger for meal unloading
  • Capacity: 400 tph each

Port of Livorno - Italy 

  • One Mechanical Unloader on rails
  • Capacity: 600 tph.

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