iNTELCENTER Toplu Ekipman Kontrolü

iNTELCENTER is designed to control the bulk of the equipment around the receiving can in a modern parlor.

Toplu Ekipman Kontrolü - iNTELCENTER

It can be configured to control up to two milk pumps (one with variable speed), air-jet filling and actuation, milk purge valve, auto drains and milk / wash valve automation.

The iNTELCENTER can be customized to individual installations by adjusting the internal timers and can be configured with different settings for wash and milk. iNTELCENTER is suitable for any milking installation regardless of brand of equipment. 

When networked to an iNTELSTART the system can be programmed to switch the plate heat exchanger pump or solenoid valve on and off at the same time as the milk pump during milking, thereby reducing water usage. 

Key Features

  • Programmable, can be customized to suit any installation
  • Seven 230V outputs, five 24V AC outputs
  • Ability to control two milk pumps (one variable speed)
  • Different settings for wash and milk
  • Controls the “Milk Purge Valve” and “Milk / Wash” sequence
  • Controlled “Off” sequence
  • “Remote Pump Out” switch capable
  • Automatic cup remover mode outputs
  • Ability to pump out the receiving can at the end of milking, using the milk purge valve, injects filtered compressed air in the milk delivery line to push it out to the bulk milk tank.

iNTELCENTER System Features

  • Run On Time - The run on timer function in the controller is used to set the period of time in which the pump will continue to operate after the float has returned to its bottom stopper. This method is very useful to stop erratic pump operation under turbulent wash conditions. No adjustment needs to be made to the float stem, simply lift the float in the receiver and set the overrun timer to the required value to empty the receiver.
  • Pump Out Time – Time the pump will run for once the manual pump-out key is pressed.
  • Auto Milk Start - Allows the pump manager to automatically default to milk mode once power to the controller has been applied.
  • Pump Manager Type - Options are either advanced or standard. When set to standard the controller does not have additional functionality to control the milk purge valve, but can utilize the optional wash valve ram to open and close the butterfly valve on the milk line.
  • Milk / Wash Delay – Time that the controller waits for the non-return valve on the pump and the liquid in the delivery line to settle before injecting compressed air.
  • Milk Clear Time – Just before a purge the pump will be switched on for the milk clear time.
  • Injector On Time - Time the milk purge valve will be switched on to purge liquid from the delivery line.
  • Actuator Cycle Time - Time the actuator valve will be closed during wash mode.
  • Actuator On Time - Time the actuator valve will be open to allow the valve seat to be cleaned during wash mode.
  • Pump Off Delay - Time the controller waits before starting the pump for the milk clear time. This allows any fluid to drain into the receiving can before a purge is started.
  • Cycle Time - The air injector valve is switched on and off every air-jet cycle time.
  • Air-jet On Time - The time the air-jet valve will be switched on for. Time is calculated to optimize washing efficiency.
  • Up Step Time – The time in seconds between incremental increases in pump speed once the float has reached the top (hi level) stopper on the float. The pump increases in speed through 8 speed levels. These are set in the variable speed controller.
  • Down Step Time – The time in seconds between incremental decreases in pump speed once the float has moved away from the top (hi level) stopper on the float. These are set in the variable speed controller.
  • Network - Yes, automatic initiation of milk, wash and off modes.



Operating Voltage230V AC
Controller Output7 x 230V AC (individual 3 amps max or 10 amps max combined) 5 x 24V AC (individual 0.5 amps max or 2 amps max combined)
Overload ProtectionYes – sub miniature fuses
Input Protection2 amps & 10 amps 20mm glass filled fuses
Enclosure260mmH x 295mmW x 130mmD
IP ProtectionIP55

Milk Float

MaterialFully stainless steel / gland nut food grade acetal
Receiver Hole Size20mm required
Stem Size480mmL x 18mmW
Float Size51mmL x 51mmW
Float Travel110mm

Altivar 31

Operating Voltage380-500V AC 50/60Hz
Input ProtectionCircuit breaker required
Output FiltrationBuilt in RFI filters
Enclosure270mmH x 180mmW x 180mmD
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