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Healthy udders equate to healthy returns by decreasing somatic cell counts, minimizing veterinary costs and reducing lost days in milk.

Hayvan Hijyeni

Good mastitis prevention begins with healthy teats that minimize the opportunity for bacteria to infect the udder, therefore reducing mastitis problems that can last for the whole season.

GEA has a number of teat care solutions that contain special agents formulated to achieve healthy udders. Our products are focused on maintaining the health of your herd, because your success is our success.

Iodine based dip products

For excellent teat conditioning with strong disinfectant action through to reliable barrier protection.

Non-iodine based dip products

A reliable alternative: rapid disinfection and effective conditioning, as well as barrier protection.

Udder Cleaning Products

Highly effective foam cleaner for optimally clean teats ready for milking.

Special Udder care products

Everything for udder hygiene of your animals.

Teat sprays & Conditioners

Teatspraying helps to prevent mastitis and condition cow’s teats for optimal production. It is important that the right teatspray is chosen for the conditions, it is diluted and mixed correctly and that the spray is applied with good coverage.

Teat Creams & Salves

For optimal teat health sometimes a bit of help is required to repair cracked, chapped and damaged teats.

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