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GEA CookStar Turbo

The GEA CookStar Turbo is the world's only industrial spiral oven that combines impingement airflow with horizontal airflow in one oven concept. This brings that extra flavor, color and crispiness to the product that no other spiral oven can match, with the flexibility to cook a wide variety of products.

GEA CookStar Turbo 600

Ultimate flexibility and throughput

The CookStar Turbo can color natural products, with a minimum of color additives. This unique function provides uniformly roasted products and sets new standards on throughput. The unique impingement function allows the oven to produce coated and uncoated products without any compromise on product quality. 

Main applications

Main applications for CookStar Turbo

There are almost no limits for cooking with the GEA CookStar Turbo: poultry, pork, beef, fish and meat substitutes; coated, uncoated and natural products even those that are hard to grill or roast, with market-leading throughput.

Flexibility now and in the future

  • Master of versatility: steam – cook – brown – roast, in one oven
  • Patent-pending for the unique SuperHeatSmoke option for cooking and smoking products

Exceptional performance

  • Faster browning and roasting with a higher cooking yield
  • Most efficient cooking for all product recipes
  • Highest throughput in the industry
  • Better color development than any other spiral oven
  • Perfect color and core temperature consistency

No compromise on reliability

  • More than 25 years' experience and countless millions of tons of food products produced
  • 99% uptime with proven installations around the globe
  • Global service coverage with support programs for better operating efficiency

Advanced technology

Three-phase cooking concept with Turbo impingement functionality

The GEA CookStar Turbo is the world's only three-phase cooking concept in a double spiral. Its patented design combines horizontal airflow with impingement airflow in the turbo zone. This provides excellent cooking efficiency at new industry standards for yield and quality compared with purely horizontal airflow ovens.

Process control and efficiency

Cooking flexibility with up to 100°C /180°F difference in cooking temperatures between the zones. Process control via dewpoint measurement – know how to cook. Dewpoint measured independently in each cooking chamber. Dewpoint differences of up to 45°C between the two zones. The oven accurately controls the conditions in each zone with balanced airflow, active climate control and moderated exhaust control.

Options GEA CookStar Turbo

GEA CookStar with SuperHeatSmoke application

SuperHeatSmoke application with the CookStar 600 family

SuperHeatSmoke is the innovative and award-winning process for the in-line cooking and smoking of meat, poultry, seafood and meat replacement products. It combines a double spiral oven with the SuperHeatSmoke concept, to produce attractive fully cooked and smoked products. It uses condensed natural smoke from the market-leading specialist, Red Arrow. The oven provides a controlled environment for a more consistent smoke flavor and authentic coloring, similar to a traditionally smoked product. Taste and color may be varied by using different smoke condensates and by applying smoke in one or both oven sections. The smoke condensates may be customized to meet each customer’s requirements.

Click here for more information about GEA SuperHeatSmoke

GEA sediment removal system belt wash

For heavily-marinated applications or sticky products, the sediment removal system belt wash simplifies the belt washing operation and improves efficiency for the operator.

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