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GEA Test center Duisburg

GEA operates its own 350-m2 Research & Development Facility, located in the Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA) Center in Duisburg, and has access to the Material and Corrosion Test Center of the Salzgitter Mannesmann Research Institute (SZMF) in Duisburg.
This test facility is used for the development of processes in the field of crystallization from solutions. Batch or continuous test assemblies are operated to assist in the selection of specific unit operations and in the collection of basic kinetic data for crystallization operations, such as the Fertilizer Industry (KCl, KNO3, (NH4)2SO4 and NH4Cl, etc.), the Chemical Industry (inorganic and organic chemicals from adipic acid to zinc sulfate), and the Food Industry (from ascorbic acid to lysine).
Batch-wise tests are usually performed to explore fundamental aspects of a conceptual process design, or to examine specific parameters of a given crystallizer unit.
Continuous crystallization tests are especially useful in demonstration of steady-state operation characteristics. They can be performed in-house, or at a client location.

The equipment can easily shipped and be incorporated in a test program at the Client R&D center or operating facility, and operated by GEA personnel or by qualified client scientists.
The ability to carry out chemical analysis concurrent with the test operation, if such controls are required, is available in-house.

Test facility is used for the development of processes in the field of crystallization

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