Ballast Water Treatment Systems BallastMaster ultraV


The BallastMaster ultraV is a highly efficient mechanical and physical system for treating ballast water capacities of up to 1000 m³/h - including water with a high concentration of organisms and particles. The 2-stage system combines mechanical pre-filtration with subsequent disinfecting of the ballast water by UV-C. In this process, no chemicals are used and no hazardous by-products are created.

Initial cleaning by mechanical filtration

Balast suyu arıtma

In the first stage, a mechanical filtration process removes all organisms and sedimentary particles larger than 20 microns. This prevents particle deposits from accumulating in the ballast water tanks, as the terms of the IMO convention stipulate. It also guarantees optimum results in the second stage, the ballast water disinfecting. The filter module is cleaned automatically by vacuum extraction (self-cleaning process).

Disinfection by means of UV-C

UV-C ile Balast Suyu Dezenfeksiyonu

In the second stage, the pre-filtered ballast water is then disinfected by UV-C radiation. The monochromatic UV-C radiation (254 nm) eliminates organisms such as bacteria or phytoplankton. The micro cavitation delivered by ultrasonic guarantees that the biofilms and nonorganic deposits on the UV-C tubes are cleaned off efficiently and remain permanently clean.

Reliable disinfecting to IMO and USCG standards

UV-C disinfection and ultrasonic cleaning provide consistent, high quality disinfecting in accordance with IMO guidelines and awarded with USCG AMS acceptance letter. This ensures that harbor checks of any kind are passed without problems. The type approval for the BallastMaster ultraV was issued by BSH in 2011.

The benefits at a glance:


  • Chemical free operation, no by-products, no hassle, no waste disposal
  • High-energetic efficiency of low pressure UV
  • UV-C light affects DNA of organisms
  • Constant high disinfection rate
  • Monitoring of UV intensity by sensor
  • Safe inactivation of even chlorine-resistant pathogens, e.g. Cryptosporidia
  • Low maintenance requirement and incredibly easy menu control
  • Small footprint, simple installation
  • For new buildings and retrofit applications



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