Infrared temperature monitoring for improved safety


Infrared temperature monitoring for improved safety


A conventional visual system is used to monitor spray dispersal, identify nozzle leaks and help operators to detect product build-up on the spray nozzles. The IR camera system provides continuous temperature monitoring and heat variation images from each nozzle to highlight product build-ups that may begin to smolder.

Offering both continuous real-time temperature visualization and automatic temperature surveillance, the SPRAYEYE® IR early warning system helps to prevent fires and explosions in the dryer by detecting hazardous temperature increases and hot spots.

The prewarning system indicates high temperatures in several ways:

  • the area of a nozzle with high temperature is highlighted in bright colors on the visual display
  • the system triggers an alarm signal when a user-defined temperature limit has been exceeded 
  • if a temperature limit is exceeded, the system will log the event and start recording temperature data and images for the next 2 hours

Most fires are started as a result of unnoticed temperature changes in the drying chamber. SPRAYEYE® IR temperature scanning technology delivers the following benefits:

  • improved nozzle monitoring when operating at higher temperatures
  • full reliability and zero maintenance
  • automatic monitoring to free up operator time
  • prewarning system to highlight problems before they can be visually observed
  • adequate time for operators to solve problems before they escalate
  • accurate, reliable surveillance for better safety and control.

Like the SPRAYEYE® Visual, the SPRAYEYE® IR cameras are not clean-in-place (CIP) compatible and must be removed from the process before cleaning is initiated. The IR cameras will shut down at 48 °C and may be permanently damaged if temperatures reach more than 60 °C. Adequate cooling of the cameras is critical; this is achieved with a combination of razor air/air disperser air in front of the lens and an internal flow of cooled compressed air.

The SPRAYEYE® IR is equipped with a power loss safety function and a lens integrity monitoring system, as well as a “watchdog” mode that provides a continuous functionality check for high reliability.

Added Customer Value

The SPRAYEYE® IR system provides a prewarning alert before abnormal carbon monoxide levels can be detected, and the ability to identify the exact position, temperature and size of problem enables operators to react effectively.

The integrated management of alarm levels, definition of areas for automatic monitoring, camera protection systems and simple calibration helps to ensure a higher level of fire and explosion risk management.

The SPRAYEYE® IR enables operation with increased inlet air temperature at a reduced risk, and some customers have been able to retain their standard operating conditions when moving to a more flammable recipe.

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