GEA has announced the North American launch of its STR Series Manure Semi-Tanker, the latest addition to the GEA range of manure management equipment. The STR Semi-Tanker is designed to make manure transportation quicker and easier by enabling a semi-truck to haul the manure tanker both on the roadway and, if appropriate, directly on the field for spreading.

With farms growing in size, manure is increasingly being carried over longer distances to properly distribute nutrients. Using a traditional liquid manure spreader hitched to the farm tractor is no longer cost-effective due to Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) speed limitations, high fuel consumption and increased wear of the equipment, especially tractor tires. As many farms already have a semi-truck available for hauling harvested crops and other uses, the STR Semi-Tanker offers a practical, economic alternative. Even for farms without a semi-truck, the STR is a viable investment as the total cost of ownership is normally lower than the cost of a dedicated liquid manure spreader and tractor.  

The stainless steel non-circular reservoir incorporates internal baffles for excellent stability on the road, while the road-proven undercarriage, made by leading semi-trailer manufacturer Manac, ensures reliability and long-life between services. The STR Series makes manure hauling from the farm to the field easy thanks to its 30-Foot long incorporated hydraulic boom which allows a quick manure transfer. Its ability to double as a spreader, via its rotative valve and spreading nozzle, is another major advantage for quick application on hard ground after forage harvest. The STR Semi-Tanker functionalities can be activated by control levers or in the palm of the operator’s hand for optimal visibility using the intuitive wireless remote control. Eleven STR models are available with two, three or four axles, 40 to 47 feet (12.2 to 14.32 m) long reservoirs and capacities from 5 900 to 10 500 US gallons.

The STR Semi-Tanker models have been designed in compliance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards, Transport Canada and US Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines for vehicle configuration and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). These design criteria make the STR Series properly suited for transportation on a wider variety of roads compared to a traditional tractor and liquid manure spreader.

GEA’s STR Semi-Tanker is ideal for the dairy, hog, and beef farming sectors, especially those with multiple pits or sites, along with custom manure operators who need to transport large volume of manure with little set-up time over distances of more than four miles. Also, farms growing cereals and other foods with cropping systems that allow a semi-truck to be driven in the field to directly apply manure onto the land, will see a benefit to this tanker option.

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