Beginning of 2019, GEA will introduce a new and universal DiGital scraper control panel for 3, 2 or 1 scraper drives, the DG-321, to the European market. The new control panel with advanced functionalities for small, midsized and large barns will replace almost all existing ones. It will be available for all GEA manure scraper drives and all voltages/Hz variants.

With the easy-to-operate DG-321, farmers are able to control up to 3 drives with just one panel. Its smart functionalities like automatic start on time or manual start by a click of a button at the panel or via Wifi/Ethernet connection make the DG-321 highly user-friendly. Further advantages are automatic calibration, flexible park position, frost protection, additional safety options for areas with care animals, failure and maintenance warnings via e-mail as well as safety features. All settings of the DG-321 can be downloaded and uploaded. Setting changes and failures are logged.

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