The innovative GEA prototype of the DairyProQ caused quite a stir at the Euro Tier 2012 and has been awarded there with the DLG gold medal. Since then GEA Farm Technologies has pushed the product development of the fully automated milking stall modul and announces the market launch in 2015.

All steps in one

DairyProQ carries out all the steps in the milking process fully automatic: From the start, from the teat preparation (predip) and the analysis of the preliminary milk sample, the milking up to the postdip process and the removal of the teat cups. This includes the intermediate disinfection of the teat cups and their external components between cow milkings. The unique feature of the milking stall module is the complete automation of the process with one comprehensive system. The milking process is executed fully-automatic at each milking stall. This individual, compact and slim stall solution permits free access to the animal. To sum up: A continuous and efficient milking process especially suitable for large dairy farms.

Since 2013 the DairyProQ is in continuous testing. Next to a milking system with 32 milking stalls a second test farm with 40 milking modules will be added. An innovative service concept allows maintenance during operation and guarantees permanent availability with optimized maintenance and consumption costs. For this purpose specialist staff and dealers will be trained and certified country-specific.

In 2015 the launch of the DairyProQ with sizes ranging from 28 until 80 milking stalls for selected markets begins.

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