Producers are competing in an increasingly challenging environment and need to find new ways to optimize performance and boost operational excellence. At GEA we take great care to ensure our solutions and products are smart, connected and empowered by standard-setting software, digital platforms and algorithms, to drive greater production efficiency.

Developed in close collaboration with customers and key partners, GEA digital solutions provide producers with the best digital intelligence available when it comes to: setting up well-designed plants and lines; running efficient production and mitigating downtime as well as delivering high quality products – on time. Many of these are already well established in the market and even more will be launching soon. What they all have in common is that they each create value for customers by fostering or leveraging one or more of the following: 

  • Workforce connectivity
  • Automated processes
  • Data analytics
  • Simulation 
GEA digital solutions for diverse industries and applications
GEA digital solutions for diverse industries and applications

Dairy Processing: Design performance measurement, advanced data analytics & monitoring technology for modern production

GEA Detailed Process Simulation for insights into production processes via 3D simulation.
GEA Detailed Process Simulation for insights into production processes via 3D simulation.

During the lifetime of a dairy plant or line, operating conditions and products may change dramatically – perhaps in stark contrast to the original design. This can lead to lower than expected production capacities, which is expensive to troubleshoot. To help mitigate this, we conduct advanced and detailed 3D simulations of performance under varying design and operating conditions with our GEA Detailed Process Simulation tool. Manufacturers can then use this information to make adjustments, thus minimizing unplanned downtime; employees can virtually test concepts under real production conditions without disturbing the running production. And when it comes to giving operators the hands-on experience they need, our GEA Operator Training Simulation is a win-win for everyone: new operators are able to get up to speed more quickly and training takes place in a safe environment, therefore reducing down time and production losses.

GEA OptiPartner helps increase production line performance through the automated handling of process disturbances.
GEA OptiPartner helps increase production line performance through the automated handling of process disturbances.

GEA knows that operators in the dairy processing and the food industry have an important and sometimes difficult job to do every single day. GEA OptiPartner, which takes advantage of modern data analytics, helps them increase their productivity by providing advanced “autopilot” control – on-site – to handle operational fluctuations and drive continuous improvement on the line. Remote services for tuning, software updates and performance monitoring of the optimizers are all part of this product package.

Another important tool for operators to ensure the highest quality production of powdered products while also securing the safety of the plant and its operators, is the range of GEA SPRAYEYE® cameras. GEA SPRAYEYE® Visual provides continuous visual quality control of spray nozzles and patterns and fines return flow during the production of powdered products. Available also as GEA SPRAYEYE® IR, which draws on GEA’s benchmark spray drying credentials, this option makes use of sophisticated thermal cameras, which monitor and provide feedback on process conditions, alerting operators to any potential issues.

The risk of fire and explosion in spray drying facilities is a serious concern for customers. The GEA SPRAYEYE® IR camera uses digital infrared technology to detect when material begins to smolder, raising an alarm before the situation becomes critical, allowing customers to produce at a higher temperature, and thus more.” - Jan Schilling, Connected Technologies Manager, Product Technology Center Drying, Product Development, Business Area Solutions, GEA

Dairy Farming: Convenient, connected technologies for busy farmers

GEA Automated Milking Systems support maximum milk production.
GEA Automated Milking Systems support maximum milk production.

We have more than 90 years of dairy experience, but we’re not looking back. GEA Automated Milking Systems, including GEA DairyRobot R9500, a milking robot available as a single or multibox system, and GEA DairyProQ for automated rotary parlor milking, provide dairy producers with the best technologies available on the market today. All milking and cleaning processes are recorded and visualized to support maximum operational efficiency. In addition to premium quality milk, the systems ensure outstanding teat cleaning, an optimal milking process, with stalls designed for comfort to ensure that cows remain healthy, productive and profitable.

We’re very aware that dairy farmers have a lot more to do than just keeping an eye on their dairy herds. Managing all of the information required to run a modern farming operation has gotten very complex, that’s why we’ve introduced GEA DairyNet to support complete farm management. Part of 365FarmNet, DairyNet is an innovative software solution connecting livestock, dairy and crop farming activities so they can be conveniently managed from one place. Farmers have access to precise data and recommendations, supporting informed decision-making. 

Food Processing: State-of the art solutions for complete cost, quality and process control

Boosting performance and productivity are critical to ensuring manufacturers remain profitable. GEA CostFox is a performance measurement tool for monitoring overall equipment effectiveness, providing real-time visualization of performance figures via a control panel. It indicates where any potential speed losses are occurring, thus supporting the continuous improvement of production sites. The reporting tool is web-based and provides standardized reports which can be sent to defined groups per email. GEA UptiFox gives customers control over the entire packaging process. This web-based tool for food processing and packaging machines has three key functions: tele-monitoring, remote service and preventive maintenance – delivering time savings by mitigating breakdowns and optimizing running time. Maintenance notifications can be sent via email either to the customer or a local GEA.

The GEA OxyCheck quality assurance system checks the residual oxygen content and seal quality of each MAP inline during production.
The GEA OxyCheck quality assurance system checks the residual oxygen content and seal quality of each MAP inline during production.

What if you could bring 100 percent quality controlled packages to the market? Well you can, with GEA OxyCheck, the first system in the world able to measure the oxygen content of each modified atmosphere package (MAP) – inline, contact free and without destroying the package. Additional benefits include: automatic discard of packages that do not meet requirements and data collection which provides insights about production performance to inform decision-making and adjustments. The system and algorithm is scalable and applicable to other industries.

Introducing elements of automation to manufacturing processes not only unlocks substantial cost-savings, but food safety is also more closely kept in check, by ensuring the production of goods is observed at every step of its journey to the customer.”- Ulrik Lund Jakobsen, Head of Food Applications, GEA

Beverage: A step change towards the future of brewing

GEA Brewery 4.0 combines today’s state-of-the-art brewery solutions with innovative new technologies to facilitate the switch from batch to continuous brewing. This new approach, coupled with software tools for supply chain management, uses lean manufacturing and just-in-time production techniques to minimize idle stock, allowing brewers to produce only what end-users need. Informatics systems exploit big data to optimize plant operations, reduce downtime and predict trends while providing 100% product traceability.

Pharma/Chemical: Ensuring patient safety in a complex world

GEA LYODATA™ provides unique marking, clear packaging identification and consistent 100% traceability of pharmaceutical freeze-dried products, making drug counterfeiting nearly impossible – key to ensuring patient safety. The system offers continuous quality inspection, 100% line clearance and precise sampling and is compatible with GEA ALUS™ automatic loading and unloading system.

Solutions for diverse applications: GEA always at your side

Remote Eyewear

By combining modern conditions-monitoring technologies with our world-leading industry expertise, GEA is able to provide customers with maintenance, monitoring, analysis and optimization services that address diverse, day-to-day production challenges. With GEA PerformancePlus, customers benefit from service level options that deliver more transparency, insights and less downtime and which complement their existing Industry 4.0 strategy.

Remote technologies are vital to modern production. GEA Virtual Reality allows customers to experience components and entire plants before they’re even built which means more can be validated in the design phase, keeping overall costs down. We also offer GEA Remote Eye Wear, which uses virtual technology to improve productivity and reduce downtime. Customers can take advantage of virtual real-time support from a GEA service technician or helpdesk via remote access for plant inspections, to receive support during commissioning and in the event of any technical problems. The integrated high-resolution camera and reliable microphone facilitate a wide range of bidirectional functions, all carried out at the speed of the internet and available for use with all GEA equipment.


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