GEA fully accepts its obligation to make a contribution to the sustainable development of society – both at a corporate level by acting as a responsible employer and in a wider social context.

In 2015, GEA was once again awarded the “Fair Company“ seal for its responsible and transparent interaction with students and job starters. When distinguishing GEA’s Graduate (Trainee) Program, ABSOLVENTA called it career enhancing and fair. In the year 2015, the Universum Professional Ranking listed GEA amongst the 100 most popular employers in Germany.

Awards received by GEA in its capacity as a responsible employer

Awards received by GEA in its capacity as a responsible employer


The 12 leadership qualities defined by GEA have been integrated in all processes governing executive development programs and, thus, constitute the key pillars for basic and advanced training as well as succession planning. Specifically, these qualities include a down-to-earth mentality/respect for others, integrity/authenticity, vitality, drive, empathy, intuition, good communication skills, the ability to see the big picture, an appreciation of the efforts of others, a commitment to sustainably developing our management culture, the ability to reason as well as resilience.


GEA operates in a challenging international market environment with a large number of players who influence the Company in many different ways – ranging from customers, competitors and employees down to the government and society in general. Companies may meet this multitude of challenges arising in this extremely diverse cultural environment by being aware of diversity and by actively creating it within their own ranks. GEA is aware of the fact that diversity represents a critical success factor, since diversity means strength.

Under its diversity strategy, GEA implements a mix of measures designed to promote diversity. One of GEA’s objectives is to attract more women while including a higher number of talented female employees in internal employee development initiatives.

Furthermore, diversity management provides the platform for reliably identifying high potentials and talents. The entire pool of young talents is to be developed in line with the GEA diversity criteria. The success and progress of GEA’s diversity management is measured on the basis of diversity performance indicators.

Corporate values

GEA Vision and GEA Values are the cornerstones of GEA’s management philosophy. They are the crucial elements of a common GEA identity. By establishing the corporate values of “Excellence”, “Responsibility”, “Integrity”, “Passion” and “GEAversity”, GEA has set up a reference and orientation system that creates a common understanding and guideline governing the personal behavior of both managers and employees: We stand for excellence in everything we do; we work with passion; we walk the talk; we feel responsible for our actions; we overcome boundaries.

Our values jigsaw
Our values

Work and family life

GEA has implemented a host of measures to help employees reconcile the demands of work and family life, including competent contact persons for expectant mothers and fathers as well as a sponsorship program for mothers and fathers on parental leave, company-organized childcare, flexible working hours and opportunities to take up mobile telework.

Occupational safety

In order to work productively and fully harness their potential, employees need a pleasant and safe working environment. GEA’s aspiration to offer all employees safe conditions in the workplace is enshrined in the Codes of Conduct obliging our managers to guarantee the best possible health and safety conditions in every GEA workplace worldwide.

Worldwide HSE data, e.g. monthly accident statistics, are recorded with the help of special software. In addition, the underlying causes of accidents and incidents are ascertained. The intelligence gathered on the basis of these investigations is communicated to the organization for preventive purposes, with the implementation of the respective measures being monitored.

Travel safety

GEA’s Safety Management provides a comprehensive service available to all employees traveling worldwide on behalf of the Group. It offers them detailed travel and safety information for every region around the globe. Should one of our employees nonetheless get caught up in an emergency, he or she can contact the 24/7 GEA Security and Support Hotline. If necessary, this service can also organize personal protection for any employee and at any location worldwide at short notice. The Medical Support Service Hotline provides assistance in health-related issues and ensures appropriate medical care or repatriation in the event of illness, if need be.

GEA Aid Commission

Employees, who suddenly get into difficulties, for instance due to a severe accident or a sudden illness, require rapid and unbureaucratic financial assistance. In a group-wide agreement concluded with the Group Works Council, GEA has pledged to unbureaucratically provide financial assistance under such circumstances. Employees affected in this way, but also the families of employees who suddenly pass away, may turn to the GEA Aid Commission for support.

Company pension scheme

GEA wants all its employees to enjoy their well-deserved retirement. This also includes the financial security to enjoy an acceptable standard of living. In many countries, however, the impact of demographic change, increased life expectancy and high unemployment rates places a growing financial burden on state pension systems. As a result, private and, in particular, company pension schemes will play an increasingly significant role in closing such future pensions gaps. Thus, the Company provides an efficient pension scheme for all its employees.


Healthy employees are more productive, more reliable and more motivated. Thus, a health-conscious workforce also promotes the long-term and sustainable development of a company. For this reason, GEA supports its employees with a variety of active healthcare offerings. The program designed to promote employee health comprises a broad range of measures to prevent illness. Inter alia, they include cancer screening, stop smoking seminars, workplace ergonomics training as well as fitness meals in staff canteens. Moreover, the Company addresses safety issues: safe winter driving or walking, how to get to work by bike, as well as information on noise, protection against cuts or on how to keep the workplace clean and tidy, to name but a few examples.