Sustainability in the ecological sense is based on the principle of protecting nature and conserving its limited resources. In this context, GEA’s innovative products make an important contribution, since in the world of process technology, the days when ecology and economy pursued conflicting interests are long gone. By using GEA machinery, components, systems and plants, our customers advance the cause of climate protection. But also within the Company, environmental protection is accorded its rightful place.

Environmental protection at GEA

GEA’s key environmental objectives focus on the prevention of adverse environmental impacts, for instance by reducing the levels of energy consumption, waste and emissions. Identifying the main environmental parameters at a local level, GEA analyzes their significance and influence on products and services for the purpose of deriving measures for improvement. The environmental parameters subject to monitoring include:

  • Emissions
  • Energy consumption
  • Hazardous goods handling, including water-polluting agents such as acids and alkalis
  • Waste
  • Noise
  • Waste water/water consumption

Environmental protection and the efficient use of resources are standard practice throughout the Group. Production waste is sorted and, wherever possible, recycled. Environmental impacts are largely avoided, for example by using exhaust gas filters and collecting vessels, or by treating and recycling process liquids. Of course, this scheme also includes energy audits that are conducted in line with the requirements under the Energiedienstleistungsgesetz (Energy Services Act).

Carbon Disclosure Project

As in previous years, GEA took part in the 2015 survey conducted within the framework of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). CDP is an independent, not-for-profit organization currently representing more than 700 institutional investors. Each year, it gathers information on the greenhouse gas emissions of major listed corporations and their strategies to combat climate change. The results are then made available to current and potential investors. In this survey, GEA also provided information on the opportunities and risks related to climate change, as well as action taken in the field of climate protection. From GEA’s perspective, any potential risks arising from shifts in demand will at the very least be offset by equally large opportunities to supply customers with energy-efficient solutions for their production processes from our wide range of products.

In 2015, GEA was awarded the “Best Improver Germany 2015” prize by CDP for the way it reported on the measures taken in the field of climate protection. The award, which was presented to the Group on the occasion of the “Climate Leadership Award Ceremony & Conference“ held in Bonn, Germany, especially acknowledges GEA’s distinct improvement in the CDP ranking.

Blue Competence sustainability initiative

GEA is an alliance member of “Blue Competence”, an initiative of the German Engineering Association (VDMA). The members of the initiative have pledged to develop and/or promote sustainable engineering solutions in harmony with economic, ecological, and societal needs. In doing so, they seek to assume responsibility for prosperity, education, safety and nature. The industry associations, organizations and companies involved in this initiative – including GEA – always consider the consequences of urbanization and globalization in the ways they think and act.

VDMA Blue Competence Initiative