Sustainable Management

GEA’s corporate culture is characterized by responsible behavior: We face up to the impact of our business activities on the value chain. For this reason, we foster close ties with our stakeholders, seeking to continuously enhance this relationship. Against this backdrop, we conduct regular and systematic satisfaction surveys amongst our key stakeholders, namely our customers. The findings and results of these surveys are incorporated into our improvement processes.

Moreover, health and safety at work are GEA’s number one priority as healthy employees are essential for productivity and quality. Our objective is for all parties involved to assume responsibility and jointly create a working environment that makes sure that our employees are and remain healthy while precluding work-related illness and workplace injury whenever possible. We also expect our contract partners and subcontractors to guarantee such working conditions.

By adopting the “Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Policy“, the Executive Board of GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft has committed itself to clearly defined quality, occupational health & safety as well as environmental guidelines: GEA undertakes to conduct all business activities in accordance with the values and ethical principles set forth in both our Global Business Conduct Policy and the Codes of Conduct.

GEA will continue its efforts to further step up health and safety at work while more strongly encouraging accident-avoiding behavior: We will be proactive in further developing our action in the fields of health and safety at work and the environment.  

In the fiscal year 2017, we started to define measurable QHSE targets that will also be publicly released. We have implemented adequate energy and environmental management systems that befit the type and amount of energy required and used while meeting the requirements of sustainable corporate management. Apart from that, GEA’s procurement policy takes heed of energy-related and sustainable selection criteria.

Our ambition is to regularly participate in the annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) survey to provide investors and customers with a comparable assessment of our carbon footprint on the basis of the uniform global CDP methodology.

GEA’s social engagement – for instance by means of sponsoring activities – mainly focuses on projects associated with our technology portfolio in the immediate vicinity of the respective GEA sites involved and on the field of innovation.