Cleaner by design

GEA is developing an innovative decanter for processing dairy products that will lead the way in hygienic design.

While all GEA food processing equipment already meets strict hygiene, safety and quality standards, the company is building the next generation of decanter that takes sanitary design to new levels.

Thomas Veer, Technology Manager for GEA’s Beverage and Dairy Business Line, is coordinating the development. “Although the performance and sanitary design of our decanter series was already good, we felt that there was room for improvement,” he explains. 

All machinery used for processing food, beverages and pharmaceuticals has to conform to set sanitary standards – EHEDG for the European market and 3-A in the US. GEA has designed its equipment according to 3-A, particularly for dairy processing, as it is considered to be a superior standard.

“We invited a 3-A consultant to contribute to the design of the new decanter, which is now being built by the GEA construction team,” says Thomas. “One of our customers was also involved in the development and has bought one of the new machines.”

A key feature of the design is a smooth surface that prevents bacteria from attaching and is easier to clean. The gaskets are also being remodeled to ensure a tighter fit, with a defined gap to ensure that they can be cleaned more efficiently and that products will not stick to them.

The new decanter will be used for example on rennet casein processing which requires temperatures of 40° C – ideal conditions for bacterial growth. Due to the use of rennet casein in the baby food and cheese manufacturing industries superior sanitary standards are applied.

Thomas is confident that the new hygienic decanter will be superior to others on the market and will enable GEA to extend its decanter technology in the dairy processing market.

Meanwhile, he is working on a number of projects with the automation department, one of which involves making separators for the dairy business more intelligent.

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