Chanda’s story

S What attracted you to GEA?


I moved to the US from India to take a Master’s degree. This experience gave me an international exposure and the chance to learn about different cultures and ways of working. During the last semester of my MBA, I applied for a job at GEA. I was interested in the products and the fact that they have a global presence. Also I could tell that they had a very good and positive working environment.

S Has the company lived up to your expectations?


When I arrived I was given a very warm welcome and the chance to do something that I had always wanted – to combine business skills and technical know-how. I was hired as a Junior Product Manager and, for the first few months, worked under a product manager. Then I was put in charge of projects of my own which involved going through the product development process to releasing the product in the market and training the sales team.

S What is your current role?


In 2014 I was promoted to Product Manager and given the opportunity to work on a new project in Bönen. My job involves a variety of activities, from participating in overall product strategy and managing the product development process to product line maintenance activities and collaborating with other departments.

S What do you enjoy most about working at GEA?


At GEA you get the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. It has a really positive and welcoming working environment and I think I am fortunate to be working with some of the best minds in the industry. It’s fantastic to be involved with challenging projects and being part of a team.

S What is your greatest achievement?


I truly believe that achievements are a part of life. Whether it was being one of the top students while studying my Bachelor’s, receiving a scholarship for my MBA in the US or getting a job at GEA, I consider them all part of my achievements so far and I am sure there will be many more to come.

S What are your ambitions for the future?


I always wanted to work in a company which focusses on innovation, customer satisfaction and produces best in class products and GEA is the right choice. In the  long term, I would like to grow and develop within the company and be a part of its success and many more innovative products to come in the future.

My second goal is to start learning German. Germans are wonderful and friendly people. Being able to speak and communicate in their language would make things more fun.

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