GEA: How do you benefit from using our plug & win centrifuge skid?

Van de Streek: One of the best parts of the separator is that it doesn’t filter the beer. Desired flavors like the oil from the hops remain in the beer.

GEA: That means your beer tastes even better now?

Van de Streek: That’s right. The flavor of the beer tastes much better, it is crisper, clearer, and it is more consistent. The beer quality has improved.

GEA: More consistency, is that a reproducible beer quality batch by batch?

Van de Streek: Absolutely so. We simply adjust the desired parameters for each brew. The rest is done by the machine.

GEA: And, have you identified other advantages?

Van de Streek: Our production has become more efficient. We gain more beer from each batch. So, at the end of the day we end up with more beer in your glass.

GEA: We assume you would recommend our centrifuge skid?

Van de Streek: We shouldn’t in order not to reveal our secrets (bursts into laughter). Of course we strongly recommend GEA plug & win. And we have done so whenever we are together with other craft brewers.

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