We are proud to present you our "Belgian Beer...what else!" brewery seminar. This will be organized by GEA Belgium on Friday 23rd of September, at Salons Waerboom, Groot-Bijgaarden.

This full day seminar will cover topics like:

Bert Kruismans

  • Introduction by S. Bersch, Member of the Executive Board, GEA
  • Mash filter vs Lauter tun" by Dr. R. Michel, Head of Application Development - Beverages & Beer, GEA
  • Clarification of hot wort: what to use, a centrifuge or a whirlpool by W.Herberg Head of Sales Steering & Support Separation - Beer & Beverages, GEA
  • Oxygen and beer by Dr. D. Saison Product and Process Development Manager zone Europe , AB InBev
  • Financial challenges for brewers by Geert Van Asbroeck Business Dev. Director, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

Special host of the day: Bert Kruismans

Bert Kruismans known as a stand-up comedian but also as a great beer lover. He will join us as the host of the seminar and will share his vision on Belgians and their beer.