Homogenization for Optimized Nutritional Powders

Homogenization is a key technology for processing nutritional products, to control the size of the fat globules, limit free fat content, and make sure that special oils and fats are encapsulated, to minimize oxidation. For these reasons 2-stage homogenization is generally performed on a full or partial flow stream immediately after oil addition into the formulation and prior to evaporation. Homogenization is also incorporated in the dryer feed line as a final measure to control the size of fat globules and minimize free fat content in nutritional powders.

GEA has used its in depth knowledge of nutritional powder processing, combined with technology and engineering expertise, to develop robust, reliable homogenization systems and components that are recognized by nutritional product produces worldwide for their performance and product quality. 

Solutions tailored to each plant and product requirement

GEA experts work with each customer to design, configure and install state-of-the-art homogenization solutions that meet all operating requirement and budgets, whether for existing plants, upgrades, or as part of a complete new nutritional formula plant. We can provide solutions that combine the homogenizer and high pressure feed pump into one unit to save on investment costs. Systems can also be configured with the homogenizer and high-pressure pump as separate units.

Innovative NanoValve® technology

GEA has harnessed its industry-leading expertise in homogenization valve technology to develop a range of valves for optimized flow rate and pressure combinations that will match the required nutritional powder product to control fat globe size to limit content of free fat, and make sure that special oils and fats are encapsulated, to minimize oxidation. Our proprietary NanoValve® technology improves homogenization efficiency and optimizes homogenization effects at significantly lower pressures than standard valves.

As a complete solution provider, GEA designs, configure and installs complete nutritional powder plants. We also offer flexible maintenance, service and upgrade options to ensure that all of our technologies continue to operate at peak performance for the entire life cycle of every GEA component, system and production line.