Uzun Raf Ömrü için Dolum Teknolojisi

GEA'nın aseptik dolum teknolojisi, uzun ömürlü UHT süt ve süt bazlı içeceklerin PET ve HDPE şişelerine tekrarlanabilir ticari sterilite ile dolumunu sağlar ve sterilizasyon prosesi üzerinde tam kontrol sağlar.

Ticari sterilite, paket veya ürün ortamındaki mikrobiyel yükün, nihai ürünün raf ömrünü uzatacak ve raf ömrü stabilitesini garanti edecek şekilde optimum seviyeye çıkartılmasını belirtir. Hem yüksek asitli (pH ≤4.5) hem de düşük asitli (pH >4.5) ürünler için aseptik işleme, ticari sterilitenin elde edilmesi ve ürün kalitesinin korunması için en maliyet-etkin yöntemidir.  
GEA, a market-leading supplier of beverage filling solutions with 22 years’ experience specifically in aseptic filling,  offers aseptic technology for liquid dairy market  that is reliable, safe and designed for use in clean filling environment, and has developed cutting-edge cold filling technologies, FDA validated, for sensitive beverages in PET and HDPE containers. 
The advanced bottle sterilization solutions from GEA allow  total flexibility and include ECOSpin Zero for high speed lines and Modulbloc for low/medium speed lines, both of which use wet PAA sterilization. GEA also provides dry H2O2 preform sterilization with aseptic blow fill (ABF), the world’s first rotary aseptic blow molding machine with an integrated aseptic filler and capper and dry H2O2 bottle sterilization technology with Whitebloc. 
Further, GEA’s aseptic filler blocs can be equipped with the FX filling valve series for clear and pulp/fiber-containing products. A PX aseptic dosing machine can be combined with an aseptic filler for still products with fruit and/or cereal pieces of up to 10 mm3. GEA’s cold aseptic filling solutions are suitable for milk-based drinks, UHT/soy milk, and nutraceutical products. 
A key feature of GEA’s aseptic filling technology is the Class 100 microbiological isolator, which keeps the sterile zone separate, guarantees final product sterility and reduces risk to a minimum, allowing 165 production hours with no intermediate CIP/SIP cycle.  The environmental isolator, pioneered by GEA in 1995 and now an industry standard for aseptic technology, provides a physical barrier between the external environment and the controlled area where aseptic filling and capping operations take place. 
Meeting industry’s increasing demands, GEA’s filling technology also offers hygienic filling solutions for ESL (Extended Shelf Life) products and fresh milk suitable for cold chain distribution.