Waste management

GEA has devoted special attention to the environmental protection and to the recovery of the solute of water from waste streams for more than 50 years.

Examples of waste treatment plants

Installation DU ZLD Gissi2

Volume reduction to reduce transport, downstream treatment and landfill costs
Recovery of particular components from the waste solution mixtures
Recycling of water from the waste solution mixtures
Evaporation to dryness (ZLD).

GEA Messo has designed, supplied and commissioned numerous plants for regeneration of spin and pickling bath liquor in the below listed fields:

Regeneration of spin bath liquor
Regeneration of pickling bath liquor
Treatment of scrubbers liquors from flue gas cleaning after garbage incinerators or power stations
Treatment of salt slags from the secondary aluminum melters
Treatment of various industrial purge streams
Food industry waste water concentration
Ammonium sulphate recovery from production effluents.

Recycling of the water has a positive effect on all aspects of your plant's economy. This is especially valid in the food industry, where the concentration of the biomass permits to downsize the final treatment unit (either a biological fermentation or a chemical treatment) considerably.

The ZLD processes for the liquid effluents from flue gas scrubbers are characterized by recovery of Sodium chloride or Calcium chloride dehydrate from the scrubber liquor for re-use in the Chemical Industry. The recovered process water can be re-used as make-up water for the internal water supply.