Evaporation for Effluent Treatment

Industrial operations use water as an integral part of their processes, as well as for activities including rinsing, scrubbing and cooling.


As a result, industry generates large quantities of waste water that has widely varying levels and composition of contamination. In most cases, this waste water has to be treated in house, before it can be discharged into the public sewerage systems or into rivers, lakes or the sea. A cost-effective, efficient and environmentally sustainable waste water treatment process should therefore be an integral part of the overall planning for a factory or plant.

GEA designs and constructs complex plant systems for the treatment of effluent and the recovery of solvents. We will focus on high level purity, low energy consumption and low residual product levels. For the treatment of industrial effluent, our process engineers will develop plant concepts that incorporate systems that are tailored for each effluent treatment requirement.

Our technologies, including falling film evaporators, forced circulation evaporators, plate evaporators, and thermal and mechanical vapor recompression systems, can be provided either individually, or combined and integrated to handle different effluents.