Distillation & Rectification for Effluent Treatment

Effluent treatment is not usually the main focus of a distillation process as it does not add value to the production stream, so technologies for managing effluent must be low cost and simple.


GEA can offer this market technologies for the recovery and concentration of solvents, to enable their reuse in upstream processes. Our technologies guarantee a high quality of recovered product, and high efficiency. We can supply equipment ranging from small recovery units that can be skid-mounted, to big 3-or 4-stage distillation plants. Industrial fluids can include solvent flows or aqueous flows.

Smaller or changing quantities can be recycled in separate process units, whereas batch solutions offer a simple and practical recovery option for changing media. For large recycling streams, internal process recovery steps are usually applied, as heat integrated concepts exhibit economic advantages in terms of low energy consumption.