Protecting the Planet

Industries around the globe are facing stricter environmental regulations, but in parallel are having to meet growing demand for their products. GEA provides long-term, cost-effective and ecologically viable solutions that help our customers to comply with regulations, whilst increasing output and recovering valuable substances.

Environmental technology leaders


Saving resources and energy, and reducing and recycling waste streams are all key aims for any industrial operation that is striving to  minimize environmental impact whilst still maintaining a competitive edge. This is a goal that GEA builds into its industrial technologies. We can offer our leading expertise in engineering tailor-made solutions for recovering chemicals, recycling heat and conserving resources.

Our process solutions are built on our key technologies and equipment, including:

  • Mechanical and thermal separation
  • Distillation & rectification
  • Freeze concentration & solution crystallization

GEA plants are built according to the strictest health and safety regulations and comply with all the codes and standards of the chemicals industry. Our equipment is capable of handling the risks associated with the everyday use of concentrated acids, high pressures and flammable or explosive substances.
GEA designs tailored process solutions in close dialogue with the customer. We are a main supplier of complete process lines and equipment for the treatment of:

  • waste water before disposal
  • industrial fluids and the recovery of valuable by-products
  • effluents from conventional or nuclear power plants
  • reverse osmosis rejects from desalination plants

We can, in addition, supply process equipment ranging from separators, clarifiers and decanters, to jet pumps and valves.

GEA offers particular strengths in the provision of solutions for zero liquid discharge plants, especially where value added salt recovery is an issue.