"What was the best thing that happened to you last year? "Our GEA separator arrived!"
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"What was the best thing that happened to you last year? "Our GEA separator arrived!"

10 years ago, there were approximately 20 breweries in Sweden. Today, after the huge global Craft Brewing-boom, we have more than 400 Swedish breweries and the number continues to grow. With the Plug & Win, GEA is offering these craft breweries an effective and money-saving solution for centrifuge skids. Same resources - greater yield!

Faster clarification - better for both your turnover AND the environment!

Instead of investing in new storage vessels with big environmental footprints, the breweries can transfer their beer quicker to bottles and cans. The P&W-series also applies well for beer-recovery and dry-hoped beer which follows this boom of Craft Brewers.

The first machine for this market in Sweden was installed in beginning of 2017 at Sigtuna Brewhouse, and was a direct success for the small brewery. When "Beer-News", a web-based newsletter, interviewed some of the Swedish Craft Brewers in the end of that year, Karl Kusas at Sigtuna praised the GEA Separator with above positive statement. 

-"We don't have to use kiselguhr anymore, which meant long preparation and completion. Shorter time to clarify, and the quality on our beer is higher due to less pick-up of oxygen which means longer shelf-life and kept aroma in the beer", Kusas proceeds.

Since the first installation at Sigtuna, GEA have sold multiple units of the P&W-series to the Swedish market and the interest for the machine keeps developing in a positive direction.


Due to this, GEA Sweden now have a very own P&W 20hl in place to let potential customers do trials on - "No matter how informative a PowerPoint-presentation is, it can't show all the details about storage time, clarifying efficiency and all other benefits as effectively as the real thing. We will use the P&W to make the brewer even further convinced that this is what his/her brewery must have!" says Mats Augustsson, GEA Area Sales Manager - Brewery. 

GEA Plug & Win = More beer - quicker & tastier. A true win-win!

Want to know how the GEA Plug & Win could take your brew further?