Celebrating Monobox No.100
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Celebrating Monobox No.100

Presented in 2016, the GEA Monobox - or DairyRobot as it is now also called - has proven to be a very popular system among farmers in Finland, producing top-quality milk. Its revolutionary cluster attachment technology together with automated udder preparation convinced Salo Farm's owners Eija and Jouni Kuoppa-aho from Lehtimäki. The DairyRobot they have purchased is the 100th GEA milking robot to be delivered in the Nordic countries.

The 100th GEA Monobox in the Nordics is going to the Salo Farm in the village of Kuoppaperä in Lehrimäki. Sales Manager Petteri Virtanen(left), farm owner Jouni Kuoppa-aho and Erkki Ritola from Mestarifarmi know that quality is in demand.

-"The GEA Monobox convinced me from the first moment I saw it in operation. An exceptionally quiet and fast robot was exactly what I had planned for my new barn. Incredibly advance quarter monitoring of somatic cell counts and easy selection of milk separation is an excellent solution for both the farmer and the cows", Jouni Kuoppa-aho sums up.

The GEA DairyMilk M6850 somatic cell counts system is also a part of the GEA automated milking system, and is available as an optional accessory for the new DairyProQ and Monobox/DairyRobot systems. The DairyMilk M6850 significantly reduces the workload of segregation and subsequent milkings.

Celebrating Monobox No.100

In honor of the 100th Monobox, GEA representative Salaes Manager Petteri Virtanen and Mestarifarmi sales representative for southern Ostrobothnia Erkki Ritola presented the owners of Salo Farm with GEA-jackets and a high-quality watch equipped with the GEA logo. At the same time as Virtanen and Ritola congratulated Jouni Kuoppa-aho on his excellent choice, they reminded him that GEA technology is a great solution for the cows as well: -"in every case where the responsibility for milking has been transferred to GEA, the udder health of the herd has improved. Gentle milking at lower vacuum levels is of critical importance for the well-beeing of the cows", empasizes Virtanen.

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