In-line cooking and smoking

GEA SuperHeatSmoke

In-line cooking and smoking

GEA CookStar with SuperHeatSmoke application

The innovative way of smoke

With GEA CookStar you have the flexibility to produce both smoked and non-smoked products in one oven. You can add value to your food products with a wide variety of smoke flavors, adjusted to your needs. Through the combination of condensed natural smoke, two-phase nozzle technology and integration with the GEA CookStar air flow and heating concept, it becomes a smoke process. Products, therefore, can be considered smoked. And since there are no unhealthy residues such as tar, ash and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), they may be designated ‘Clean Label’. The products are healthier compared to conventional smoking methods. There are significant process benefits too because the in-line process cuts smoking times from hours to minutes compared to the traditional batch processes. It also produces more consistent product quality than batch smoking systems.

Where there is smoke – there is flavor

  • First spiral oven with condensed natural smoke – patent pending
  • Smoking at temperatures above 100°C
  • Clean label smoke process - products can be labeled as smoked
  • More consistent quality, mild smoke flavor, adjusted to your needs

Healthier, cleaner and more efficient smoking process

  • Tars and ashes removed from the condensed smoke
  • Higher capacity with a smaller footprint
  • More consistent product quality 
  • Cuts process times from hours into minutes

Leading the way for North America with SuperHeatSmoke

To bring the latest and greatest innovations to the table, Grand River Foods was the first in North America to debut the new CookStar with SuperHeatSmoke. Read the full story here.

Travel inside the GEA CookStar and discover new market opportunities for smoked products.

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Связанные продукты

GEA CookStar

GEA CookStar

Благодаря недавним улучшениям не осталось сомнений в том, что инновационная концепция GEA CookStar будет устанавливать новые отраслевые стандарты с точки зрения эксплуатационных характеристик, универсальности и общей стоимости владения. В связи с более высоким выходом продукции и более высокой производительностью снижается стоимость производства килограмма продукции. Общие эксплуатационные расходы также сокращаются в результате энергосбережения, уменьшения времени, необходимого на очистку, затрат на техобслуживание, которые также можно косвенно увязать со снижением стоимости производства килограмма продукции. GEA CookStar отличается великолепными параметрами во всех областях.

GEA CookStar Turbo

GEA CookStar Turbo

The GEA CookStar Turbo is the world's only industrial spiral oven that combines impingement airflow with horizontal airflow in one oven concept. This brings that extra flavor, color and crispiness to the product that no other spiral oven can match, with the flexibility to cook a wide variety of products.

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