TiroPrint and TiroLabel

Labeling, identifying and informing with perfection, TiroPrint printing systems and TiroLabel labelers are perfect complements to GEA PowerPak Thermoformers.

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TiroLabel and TiroPrint

TiroLabel - TiroPrint - Poultry, Meat & Fish

With these Add-Ons, you can turn your packaging machines into a complete packaging system. 

Eliminating the need for preprinted materials can reduce the cost of packaging materials and reduce inventory. The high degree of integration in this context is also typical for GEA packaging. The machines and peripheral printing equipment are not only optimally matched to one another, but can also be operated from just a single operating console.

GEA can provide you with a Complete Packaging System from a single source

TiroPrint and Label - Poultry, Meat & Fish

  • Inline cross web labelers for top and bottom web
  • Changing of label rolls without stopping the machine by means of patented double-roll labeler
  • Flexographic rotary ink printer
  • Optional two-color flexo printing
  • Programmable Thermal Transfer Printer with optional Ethernet interface
  • InkJet printers with integrated servo-driven head motion units
  • Third party printer integration on request.

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