Palletizers & Depalletizers

Robotic Isles Omnia

Robotic isles Omnia are especially suitable for low and medium speed lines and when high flexibility is needed thanks to the simultaneous palletization/depalletization feature and fast gripping heads changeover.

GEA offers a wide range of robot systems for any application. They represents a long term value investment. The heart of the system is a Fanuc anthropomorphic industrial robot, which can be integrated with different ancillary equipment: loading and deposit bays in rows, complete layers or in bulk; and gripping heads - for crates, cartons, shrink-wrap and loose bottles - and accessories such as layer-pads and pallet magazines or case compacting units.

Robot systems are especially suitable for low and medium-speed lines and when high flexibility is needed. Using the Omnia robot, it is possible to operate simultaneous palletization from multiple lines, simultaneous palletization of packages of different types and dimensions, and simultaneous palletization and depalletization. 

Other features of the Omnia robot that contribute to the long-term value of the investment include the ability to change the gripping head very quickly for different operations, a compact footprint and the opportunity for expansion as production requirements change. 

Omnia gripping heads have lightweight, rigid stainless steel frames. They are specially designed for each application using 3D CAD systems and undergo a specific structural study to ascertain the inertia of the carried mass (up to 3G acceleration). A wide range of preparation and deposit bays are available for any package type and for any palletizing need.

Gripper for packs

Different heads are available for shrink-wraps, cartons or trays to transfer complete layers, rows or single packages. The heads can even be provided with side hooks for the gripping and transferring of empty pallets, or a vacuum system for the gripping and transferring of layer pads. The gripping head for row transfer can be also designed with two independent sectors. This allows intelligent, separate control of the two sectors to perform partial pick up or two different deposits for complex layer patterns.

Palletizer/depalletizer gripper for crates

Hook type for rows of crates or side bar type for complete case layer transfer. 

Palletizer/depalletizer gripper for big containers

Side bar type for complete layer transfer or 2- and 4-gripper-head type for neck transfer.

Magnetic head type gripper

Available in a compact palletizer/depalletizer version where a single machine is used instead of two traditional systems. This configuration allows the system to be used as a dynamic line buffer with layer pad and pallet management.

Magplay type gripper

This allows the palletizing of bulk containers on display pallets (plastic or carton). It has a supporting frame in AISI 304 stainless steel equipped with a set of picking heads. Each head surrounds the neck of one bottle and clamps it under its neck ring; the clamps inside each head are conically shaped and mechanically activated.

Связанные продукты

Depalletizer Resolvis

Depalletizer Resolvis

Resolvis is a highly accurate depalletizer with fast, gentle lift/lowering motion, capable of operating at speeds of up to 2.5 layers/min. The machine has low level product discharge and a steady pallet unloading system; the main operations (i.e. carriage lift, pallet transfer, etc.) are controlled through encoders: this gives extremely accurate positioning during operation.

Depalletizer Velox

Depalletizer Velox

Depalletizer Velox discharges product from the top and features a vertical lift pallet unloading system designed for medium to high speed. The main operations (i.e. pallet lift, pallet transfer, etc.) are controlled through encoders: this gives extremely accurate positioning during operation.

Palletizer Agilis

Palletizer Agilis

Agilis is a palletizer with high level product infeed and a vertical lift pallet loading system. Depending on the production speed required it’s possible to configure a single, double or triple infeed with row preparation on positive belts. Agilis is also available with a pack divider or manipulator to speed-up the production and/or to secure unstable packages.

Palletizer Artis EVO

Palletizer Artis EVO

Low level infeed mono–column type palletizer Artis EVO features a steady pallet loading system and an innovative layer pick-up head. It is suitable for medium/high production capacity.

Palletizer Fluens

Palletizer Fluens

Fluens is a palletizer with a low level product infeed and a vertical lift pallet loading system; by this configuration Fluens is able to provide palletization for medium-high-speed operations at over eight layers/min. A high level infeed model is also available, achieving a production speed of over ten layers/min.

Palletizer Opera

Palletizer Opera

Low level infeed palletizer Opera with steady pallet loading system is suitable for low/medium production capacity.

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