BF Series

Manual FIBC Fillers

Manual FIBC fillers from GEA are designed to enable flexible big bags to be hygienically filled at a rate of up to 5 Mtonnes/hour

GEA Avapac Manual FIBC Filler

GEA’s big bag fillers are designed to pack a wide variety of powdered products into flexible bags (FIBCs). We have three types of big bag fillers — BF-300, BBS-S and BBS-D — with various options for both manual and semi-automatic filling operations. Features including bag inflation and base compaction maximize the available volume of the bag and result in a stable pack that reduces the risk of spillage and product loss. Using a unique top weighing system, the GEA range of big bag fillers ensures reliable and accurate filling by eliminating the effect of bag inflation on final fill weight. An inert gas packing option means that GEA can provide solutions to meet the needs of export customers who require increased shelf-life for their products.

Model BF-300 Big Bag Filler

The BF-300 is a manual, entry level low-cost solution for low throughput producers. With a simple design that comprises a stainless steel support frame and filling system, this easy to operate unit can be supplied with or without an integrated weighing system. An operator is required to place a pallet on the filling platform; once the bag is filled, the bag is removed from the filler using a pallet hoist. Intended uses include small production throughput and applications in which pallets are allowed in the clean room.

Key Features:

  • single operating station (manual)
  • bag sits on pallet during filling
  • bag range: 1–1.6 m
  • weighing: optional
  • pallet in the packing room, forklift transfer
  • no compaction
  • no MAP
  • no heat sealing.

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