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Water removal is the key to concentrate all aqueous products.


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GEA  has enhanced the freeze concentration process with its unique solid-liquid separation into a sophisticated process that effectively eliminates these losses and fits perfectly into the modern processing plant. The schematic illustrates a basic single-stage freeze concentration process based on the patented GEA IceCon™ process. This technique creates the optimum growth conditions for an efficient separation of the ice crystals and provides the highest concentration factor for most food liquids. 

Commercial systems are designed from standard component sizes depending on your throughput requirements. Multistage systems allow for any capacity from 10 to 5,000 kg/h.

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Process description IceCon®

Process description


Freeze concentration is the removal of pure water in the form of ice crystals at subzero temperatures. IceCon® is the latest innovation of freeze concentration design. The diagram below shows the complete process in its simplest form. This single stage process consists of one crystallizer (1) and one wash column (2). The crystallizer is a vessel with a cooling jacket. The inner wall of the vessel is scraped. The outer wall is cooled by a circulating refrigerant. Ice production and ice crystal growth take place inside the crystallizer. By creating residence time ice crystals grow, creating an optimal crystal size distribution for efficient separation. In the wash column, the concentrated liquid is separated efficiently from the ice crystals. A compressed ice crystal bed is washed with melted ice to remove all traces of concentrated liquid. Freeze concentration ensures that all original product characteristics remain in the concentrate.

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