Freeze concentration plants

Freeze concentration plants

Freeze concentration plants

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New generation of freeze concentrators

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Modern freeze concentration processes consist of a crystallization section where part of the water is converted into solid ice crystals using a refrigeration system. The ice crystals are then separated by filters, centrifuges or using the GEA wash columns. This patented technology is a specific form of suspension melt crystallization and has made freeze concentration economically feasible for a wide range of applications.

Innovative research and development is constantly taking place for process and equipment development in order to create industrial systems to purify and separate crystals from an organic or aqueous liquid. The separation technology is based on the wash column principle where a selective separation of pure crystals is performed.

We design, engineer and assemble crystallization- and separation equipment. Furthermore, we deliver the following system components and services:
- Freeze concentrators
- Scraped surface heat exchangers
- Crystallizers
- Wash column separators
- Research, testing, training and maintenance

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