At the Ipack-Ima in Milan, Golfetto Sangati will debut its new GCTL bran shredder. The new machine reduces the granulometry of bran from 700-800 microns to 250 microns in a single process. The result is homogeneous wholegrain flour perfect for the requirements of the food processing industry.

In addition to delivering high-quality flour, cereal processing generates by-products which are normally considered to be of low value: coarse bran, fine bran and pollard. The latest food trends have led to an increased demand for wholegrain flour and semolina containing bran, for use in the production of pasta and baking products. In order to incorporate bran in wholegrain flour, it is necessary to reduce the granulometry, so that it has the same particle size as the original flour. 

Golfetto Sangati has been producing this type of shredder for decades, and also uses it for other applications. Current market demand led to Golfetto Sangati reengineering the GCTL by equipping it with a 98-blade steel shaft (tempered steel blades) which has a maximum rotation speed of 3500 rpm. The shaft is inserted inside a casing which rotates in the opposite direction and guarantees a very high grinding performance. This construction also facilitates cleaning which is carried out by a rotating pneumatic brush made up of nylon threads.

The special arrangement of the rotor blades means they rotate in opposing directions. This allows for the regular distribution of bran along the entire length of the casing, thus ensuring maximum effectiveness in the reduction of the bran and a high homogeneity of the end product. The materials used combined with the well-designed construction ensures high machine reliability and durability; maintenance is minimal and only requires that bearings are cleaned and greased according to normal standards.

Heritage brands Golfetto and Sangati Berga - now Golfetto Sangati - stand out in the history of the milling industry for their exceptional know-how acquired in in the more than 80 years they have been active. Today, the merged brand is an important part of the Pavan Group which was acquired by world-leading technology group GEA in November 2017.

Golfetto Sangati will also present the following stress-tested equipment at this year’s Ipack-Ima:

GSICHTER – Plansichter for cereals

Developed for the cleaning of incoming cereals in the cleaning section during grinding or seed sorting plants, this plansichter has a net staggering surface of 12 square meters, consisting of 12 overlapping sieves. The maximum sieving capacity is 30 tons per hour of grain with minimum specific weight of 0,75 tons per cubic meter. The sturdy metallic construction contains the aluminum sieve stacks and has 12 square meters of sifting surface. The aspiration channel is integrated in the structure of the plansichter. The compact design reduces maintenance and ensures tremendous reliability.

Semolina HP 55 purifier

Semolina HP 55 purifier from Golfetto Sangati (Photo Pavan/GEA)
Semolina HP 55 purifier from Golfetto Sangati (Photo Pavan/GEA)

Semolina, the line of purification machines by Golfetto Sangati, is the result of 20 years of technological evolution and improvements that have led to it becoming the most asked-for product on the market. In addition to the traditional HP50, Golfetto Sangati has recently launched its innovative HP55. The Semolina HP55 is the only purifier on the market which has four rows of superimposed sieves. The product sorting is accomplished via twelve sieves which are arranged in overlapping rows with the product then being collected by two brushed stainless steel conveyors. This design solution, which increases the sieving surface to 7.26 square meters, allows for the purification of semolina with fewer passes through the sieves. It boasts a ten percent increase in purification surface, while decreasing the overall machine footprint by more than ten percent, thus making it easier to position within a mill. The design offers precision air-flow control via four adjustment points per sieve length, for a total of twelve control points. The entire semolina series of purifiers are equipped with the patented Flyback® feature. This device allows the product to be fully exposed to the lower row of sieves, which maximizes the efficiency of the machine.

Synthesis roller mill

Synthesis roller mill from Golfetto Sangati (Photo Pavan/GEA)
Synthesis roller mill from Golfetto Sangati (Photo Pavan/GEA)

The synthesis roller mill takes on board the very best in milling technology as well as the knowledge honed by Golfetto Sangati during its more than 80 years of experience in the sector. The product enters the machine through the bell tank, from which it is conveyed to the feeder rolls and then to the grinding cylinders. A pneumatic system is used for the automatic engagement/disengagement of the milling rolls and for regulating grinding distance, using a graduated hand-operated wheel. These same functions can be reproduced using an electric system with a stepper motor.

The new version on display at Ipack Ima 2018 is equipped with several new features: an innovative grinding roller connection system, which allows for roller pressure of 14,000 kg; temperature detection probe on the fast grinding roller and on all supports of the grinding rollers; a new system for break/fall detection of grinding belts; greater focus on safety, with a completely redesigned protection grid system. The operator panel makes it easy to check on the milling parameters and the primary data, such as the power absorption of the transmission motors. Through an RS 485 and/or PROFIBUS interface, each machine is able to exchange information with a computer for overall control of the mill. Infrared probes, which are not affected by dust, are able to detect the presence or absence of product in the bell tank, which means the grinding rolls can be engaged or disengaged accordingly. The eight probe reading points can determine the amount of product present in the bell tank, by which the speed of the feeder rolls is adjusted based on the indications of the milling flow sheet.

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