With the easycream separators, GEA showcases the latest small standardized separators catered to small dairy processing plants at this year’s EuroTier trade fair in Hanover, Germany. GEA easycream separators provide an economical solution for skimming, clarification and standardization of milk and whey, coupled with easy handling and high reliability. The product feed and discharges have been designed especially for food.

The standardized design of GEA easycream ensures a consistent reliable quality, coupled with a shorter delivery time and an attractive economical pricing. Its simple design provides an easy installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the separator. The belt-driven concept warrants a higher drive efficiency along with lesser spare parts and lower service cost and time. GEA easycream offers both solid-wall bowl separators as well as self-cleaning separators. 

Solid-wall bowl separators – easycream

This is a batch process whereby the separated solids are manually removed. The separators are available in maximum skimming capacities for standardization of 5,000 liter per hour up to 12,500 liter per hour and 1,000 liter per hour up to 10,000 liter per hour for skimming.

Self-cleaning separators – easycreampro

This is a continuous process whereby longer production times with significantly increased yields are made possible with. GEA easycreampro separators equipped with the GEA hydrostop system that automatically discharge solids at full bowl speed and open feed. It is possible to integrate the machine in the CIP process. These self-cleaning separators work efficiently at capacities for standardization from 5,000 liter per hour up to 12,500 liter per hour and 2,800 liter per hour up to 10,000 liter per hour for skimming.

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