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Since their discovery in the mid-1800s, liquid soaps and gels have come a long way. Almost immune to economic recessions, personal daily cleansing products — boosted by growing consumer demand for antibacterial varieties and cleaner home environments — are now available as pH-balanced, herbal, aroma therapy and gender-specific ranges, to name a few. Now more popular than traditional solid bar soaps, liquid soap and shower products (also known as body washes) are considered to be an everyday essential by eight out of ten adults.

Solutions from a Single Source

This product form can be defined as clear, shear thinning formulations. They are usually composed of water or alcoholic solutions that are gelled or thickened with specific gelling agents such as natural gums, acrylic polymers or cellulosic-type polymers. Examples include

  • shower gels
  • shaving gels
  • toothpastes
  • ethnic “shine” hair products (microemulsions).

Blending Experience and Know-How

Both batch and continuous blending processes are used to manufacture liquid and gel cleaning products. Stabilisers may be added during the production process to ensure the uniformity and stability of the finished product. In a typical continuous process, dry and liquid ingredients are added and blended to a uniform mixture using inline or static mixers. Recently, more concentrated liquid products have been introduced. One method of producing these products uses new high-energy mixing processes in combination with stabilizing agents.

GEA is your single-source solution provider for the equipment you need, including standard and bespoke mixing and blending technologies, liquid handling components such as pumps, valves and product recovery systems. Our technology expertise also covers homogenization, the building of structured liquids and clean-in-place (CIP) solutions.

As a business, we are committed to delivering high quality, expertly manufactured products that meet our customers’ requirements. With years of experience and know-how, we are able to advise on specifications and formulations and, ultimately, meet your product development requirements in terms of hygiene, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and compliance.

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