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GEA Robotic Milking Solutions - Box-Style Robots for Large Herd Configurations

The GEA DairyRobot R9500 box-milking robot utilizes a comprehensive approach to milking, hygiene, cow care, barn design, manure handling and milk transfer. Check out our “Wet-Barn” and “All-In” barn configurations for today’s growing herd sizes.

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GEA Robotic Milking Solutions

Larger and larger herd sizes are looking to robotic milking to solve labor issues, and maximize their cows’ well-being and productivity.  At GEA, we have the technology and the know-how to help design a large-scale robotic milking facility around your management style.

We have two different approaches to address the management needs associated with box-style robotic milking.  The “All-In” approach incorporates intelligent sorting to create zones in the barn to complete all management tasks under one roof. The “Wet Barn” approach incorporates a secondary, oftentimes, existing conventional parlor to support the robot barn, where certain time-sensitive and time-consuming tasks can take place in a traditional manner, keeping the robots running at maximum efficiency for healthy, lactating cows.

Our innovative robotic milking systems and comprehensive barn designs, combined with the strength of our dealer network, makes GEA the ideal technology partner for you and your dairy business.

GEA – automating your dairy into the future!

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