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CookStar SuperHeatSmoke

Travel inside the GEA CookStar and discover new market opportunities for smoked products.

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Where there is smoke, there is flavor!

Who doesn’t enjoy the unique Smokey barbecue flavor? GEA is the first to introduce in-line smoking in a spiral oven with the introduction of GEA CookStar SuperHeatSmoke. The joint development with Red Arrow resulted in this innovative and patented in-line smoking process, which enables food processors to recreate BBQ magic on an industrial scale.

It works with purified smoke condensate from which the tar and ashes have been removed. Resulting in a clean label and healthier end product, compared with conventional smoking methods. Products will be ready in minutes instead of hours. Smoke profiles can be personalized, precisely controlled and even stored in the oven settings.

This proven concept is not limited to chicken products only! Think about the possibilities with beef, pork, seafood, veggie or bacon. We can support you from idea to concept. Our passionate team of sales experts and food technologists is ready. Contact GEA and book your dedicated trial in our technology center.

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