Sustainability at GEA

Sustainability at GEA

As part of our commitment to increased transparency and improving the sustainability of our business activities and customer solutions, GEA has published its first stand-alone GEA Sustainability Report for fiscal year 2020.

Fully adhering to the standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the report provides greater disclosure and across more topics than is required in standard non-financial statements. Readers will find in-depth information on human rights matters in our supply chain as well an overview of our waste and water management strategy and activities, including how we contribute to several of the U.N.’s Sustainability Development Goals. We also highlight several key projects and solutions that support our customers in their own journey to become more sustainable. 

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Johannes Giloth

Interview with Johannes Giloth, COO & responsible for sustainability at GEA

What role does GEA want to play with its sustainable engineering solutions for customers? One that is hands-on, explains Chief Operating Officer, Johannes Giloth. The future holds challenges, but also many opportunities for GEA, largely due to the demands of climate change and other key megatrends which are creating paradigm shifts in consumer behavior.

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Sustainability targets and KPI

Status targets attainments Actual 2020
The Lost Day Frequency Rate does not exceed 5.6 accidents with periods of absence per 1 million hours worked in 2020 ++ 5.39
The Lost Day Severity Rate does not exceed 120 lost days after accidents per 1 million hours worked in 2020 ++ 115.32
GEA records more than 100 near misses per 1 million hours worked (Proactive Injury Rate, PAIR) in 2020 + 92.08
GEA reduces greenhouse gas emissions 2020 (Scope 1 and 2 market-based) in relation to revenues by 2.1 % compared to previous year ++ -8.5%
GEA reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 19.1 % in relation to sales by 2025 (Scope 1 and 2 market-based) compared to the base year 2015 ++ -29.3%
GEA reduces water withdrawal in 2020 in relation to revenues by 2.1 % compared to the previous year + 4.3%
GEA reduces waste volume in 2020 in relation to revenues by 2.1 % compared to the previous year ++ -4,6%

Key: + target partially attained, ++ target attained

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GEA awarded top rankings on CDP’s water management and climate benchmark lists

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings

GEA was assessed by CDP in the "Water Security" category in 2020 and immediately achieved the leadership rating level with an "A" grade. With our overall grade of “A-“ in the CDP sustainability ranking, GEA is classed in the top tier when compared to other companies in our region and sector.

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Sustainability Report 2020

Explanatory notes for environmental Key Performance Indicators fiscal year 2020

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