Laurent’s story

В What attracted you to GEA?


I didn’t actually apply for a job at GEA – the company I was working for in Germany was acquired by GEA. At that time I was a regional Sales Manager for freeze dryers for the pharmaceutical industry, covering Southern Europe and then Asia. 

В How did GEA help you to develop your career?


I am a mechanical engineer but I recognized that I needed to improve my financial and management competencies if I wanted to perform better. So I decided to absolve an executive MBA, which meant dividing my time between work, the business school and my family. GEA supported me and ensured I had the right conditions to take the course.

After graduating, I was offered a position as Supply Chain Manager, responsible for organizing the transfer of technology from Germany to our new production site in Beijing. It was an exciting, demanding and challenging project. I had to build a bridge between the two cultures to allow the smooth transfer of competencies and develop the sale of our products in China.

В What is your current role?


I am leading the APC-Utilities activities in Asia Pacific. In this role, I am responsible to develop the sales of Solutions for Industrial Refrigeration in 11 countries. I am supported by the APC-Utilities local team in South East Asia as well as by my colleagues based in China, North America and Europe. Together with the Regions and countries, the other Application teams and Product groups in the region, we are coordinating our efforts to sustain and further grow GEA business in the region.

В What do you like most about working for GEA?


The internationality of the company, the diversity of our customers and the possibility to move inside the organization are what I like most. I also enjoy every day the way we, as GEA employees, work together and feel committed to the success of GEA and our customer. 

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