Joost’s story

В What attracted you to GEA?


GEA is a very large international organization with many career possibilities.  It is important that the company produces equipment you can be proud of and that makes a difference.

В What does your role involve?


Before the new ONEGEA organisation lifted off, I was responsible for our environmental technology business worldwide. That included sales, sales support, project management and project management for all the centrifugal separation applications within environmental projects. These range from municipal and industrial waste water to biogas. In the new matrix organisation, the old business lines have divided into more product specific lines. In my new role as strategic product manager I am responsible for the product portfolio, pricing, competitive environment, merger & acquisitions targeting and product launches - still in the field of Environmental Technology and now in addition for Marine & Energy.

В How do you adapt to international markets?


There are different ways of doing business around the world and my strategy is not to push the Dutch/German way of thinking but to think local. This means you have to trust your local people and so far they have never disappointed me.

Furthermore I am partnering with several international companies to extend our international network. I truly believe in partnerships. GEA is a great company but we cannot do everything  on our own.

В What is your biggest challenge?


To look through the eyes of our customers and be more flexible to their needs. Also to achieve our growth targets.

В What do enjoy most about working at GEA?


Even though the company went through some organizational changes, GEA has a very well organized structure, a fantastic product portfolio and a great reputation.  I enjoy being part of an international team and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Plus I have the freedom to implement my way of working.

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