Gel Deodorants

As the personal care market continues to expand, consumers are faced with an increasing number of product choices, particularly when it comes to deodorants. Often a matter of personal preference, the gel versus stick debate continues to roll on. Keeping clean and smelling fresh are key considerations, but factors such as ease of use, visible marks or stains on clothing, longevity of effect and residue are all important too. Many end-users turn to gel deodorants because, simply, they are perceived to be better antiperspirants.

Compared with stick forms, gel deodorants are fairly new. However, that doesn't mean that they don’t function equally as well as a stick. The main purchasing choice is based on the residue that’s left behind. Gel deodorant usually comes in a clear form, making it less detectable underneath the arms and less likely to leave marks or stains on clothing. Many gel deodorants also claim to be more lightweight in comparison with stick formulas, so they don't feel heavy when sweating occurs.

Process Solutions

GEA can provide process expertise for both hygienic and aseptic applications, integrating clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) technology, together with automation, process control and management information systems.

GEA is recognized as the premier supplier of components, systems, automation and plant to the process industries worldwide and has extensive experience and capability in providing project management services including design, supply, installation and qualification of complete process plants and systems.

GEA’s portfolio of unit operations is essential to many hygienic processes in the personal care industry. Our technology centres support each of the following processes:

  • CIP systems
  • homogenizer systems
  • batch mixing & blending
  • continuous mixing & blending

We are committed to providing the required technical support and programme development to make them market leaders in their respective fields.